Talken X AIRian announce Partnership

2 min readDec 14, 2023


Talken is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AIRian, the largest global initiative dedicated to fostering a community for runners within the realm of Web 3.0.

This collaboration aims to integrate Talken’s experience in building NFT services with AIRian’s outstanding achievements to create a better Web 3.0 community and deliver innovative experiences to runners. Both companies share a common vision of pioneering the future of Web 3.0 and providing innovative services through NFTs.

AIRian aims to become the largest global initiative dedicated to fostering a community for runners within the realm of Web 3.0.
AIRian signifies ‘AIR’ which is essential for all human beings, especially for runners. The ‘-ian’ denotes community members. They embodies a global network where runners converge to share knowledge and passion.

Talken and AIRian, combining their strengths, will pioneer the future of Web 3.0, offering runners a new dimension of running experiences.

About AIRian:

AIRian is a Web 3.0 initiative dedicated to building the world’s largest running community. Symbolizing ‘AIR’ for runners, AIRian focuses on uniting runners and marathoners worldwide. It leverages a decentralized platform, integrating the history of major marathons and various running IPs for a unique, user-centric running experience. AIRian embraces countless traditional running events, creating an interconnected space for over 300 million runners worldwide through blockchain technology. AIRian’s goal is to cultivate the largest Web 3.0 running community, centered around key elements like RUNNER X (DApp/Platform) and governance token $AIR, enhancing the global running experience. For more information, please visit

About Talken:

Talken is a Web3 Wallet & NFT Suite.
Users can easily access Talken with their social media IDs such as Google, Apple, etc. and can use ABC Wallet of AhnLab Blockchain Company with enhanced security right away.
Talken also provides ‘Talken Drops’, a primary sales service for various creators, ‘Talken Market’, a C2C trading service between users, and ‘Talken Studio’, a creative NFT minting support service for creators. This allows users to experience everything from NFT minting to primary and secondary trading.

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