Talken officially joined the Fil+ Program

2 min readJul 5, 2022


Since June 2022, with the technical guidance and substantial support from Protocol Labs and Notaries of Filecoin Plus Program, Talken has successfully onboarded TB-scale data onto Filecoin network working as a storage client.

Within applications, there will be a large of NFT-related data and server logs that require the secure and long-lived storage. Therefore, Talken officially joined the Fil+ Program launched by Protocol Labs and was granted 5PiB DataCap early in 2022.

Using the DataCap granted, Talken has successfully transferred nearly 10TiB data and made storage deals with the storage providers of Filecoin network last month. After completing the POC (proof-of-concept) stage, will work more closely with all parties in Filecoin Plus Program and onboard PB-scale data to #Filecoin network by the end of this year to guarantee its interoperability and security.

About Filecoin Plus Program:

Built on IPFS, Filecoin Plus Program aims to make Filecoin a more decentralized storage network for humanity’s most important information. By creating an incentivizing mechanism, this program benefits all participants, including notaries, clients, and storage providers etc. through providing Datacap that can be spent to make storage deals on blockchain.

About Filecoin:

Filecoin includes a blockchain and native cryptocurrency (FIL). Filecoin facilitates open markets for storing and retrieving files, which will benefit both users and storage providers. It is a peer-to-peer network that stores files reliably because users can verify that their files are being stored correctly by looking at proofs on Filecoin’s blockchain.

About Talken:

Talken is a safe and easy-to-use decentralized multi-chain NFT and cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn and etc. Talken has an in-app purchase functionable NFT marketplace that has many famous artists and brand collaboration NFTs. With the built-in Web3 browser, anyone can conveniently browse various Web3 apps in Talken.

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