Talken Market Announces Multi-Chain Expansion Based on Wormhole and Integration of Wormhole Bridge

2 min readMar 6, 2024


Talken Market recently expanded the utility and multi-chain capabilities of the TALK token by integrating a wormhole bridge. This updates allows for the conversion of TALK (ERC20) tokens into assets on various blockchain networks through the Bridge. It also facilitates easier trading of NFTs based on different networks in the multi-chain supportive Talken Market.

▷ Talken Bridge:

- Supported Mainnets: Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Klaytn
- Supported Assets: TALK, BONK, USDC, USDT

Previously, the TALK token existed solely on the Ethereum-based contract address (Ethereum: 0xCAabCaA4ca42e1d86dE1a201c818639def0ba7A7). However, with this update, users can now utilize the TALK token on the following blockchains as well:

- BNB Chain: 0x7D61D3752F759c71f5291358408947aFf7b0Ff2c
- Klaytn: 0x55863cb9a7f92c134e9f8edb6c655b92d60493b5
- Polygon: 0xE7e72bE51C3b4E1F3cEB34e177e1bA1c1744fD7d
- Solana: 3xUK7cHo3Vfh7uQCTkS2GUhJJuXhg2RXgApNYKHZ1B5R

This update significantly enhances interoperability among various blockchain platforms and provides TALK token users with more convenient and extensive services. It marks an important step towards offering tangible utility across different blockchain platforms and applications.

In celebration of this release, an event will soon be organized. For detailed participation methods and reward information, please refer to our official social media channels.

About Talken Bridge:

Talken Bridge is a cross-chain communication protocol based on Wormhole, enabling asset movement across different blockchain networks. It supports five major mainnets, allowing the easily conversion of TALK tokens into TALK assets on various mainnets. Furthermore, it facilitates easier trading of NFTs based on different networks in the multi-chain supportive Talken Market.

About Talken:

Talken is a Web3 Wallet & NFT Suite.
Users can easily access Talken with their social media IDs such as Google, Apple, etc. and can use ABC Wallet of AhnLab Blockchain Company with enhanced security right away.
Talken also provides ‘Talken Drops’, a primary sales service for various creators, ‘Talken Market’, a C2C trading service between users, and ‘Talken Studio’, a creative NFT minting support service for creators. This allows users to experience everything from NFT minting to primary and secondary trading.

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