TALK Listing on Huobi Global — Launch on Huobi Primepool

4 min readAug 30, 2021

Talken will list on Huobi Global on September 3!

Talken will be listing on Huobi Global through the prestigious Primepool launch Aug. 31.

Users will be able to lock their HT and DFA tokens in exchange for a chance to win part of our 5.94 million TALK token prize pool!

Talken is launching its DAO token, TALK, in partnership with Huobi Global via the Primepool event. Read here for Huobi’s full announcement. Following the event, TALK will be listed on Huobi Global. This is fantastic news for Talken community!

Talken’s multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet is a breakthrough in the blockchain and NFT space. As one of the pioneers of the multi-chain NFT wallet space, we expect to reach more users through this launch.

Launching on Huobi Primepool, and a subsequent listing on Huobi Global, means Talken has passed Huobi Global’s stringent due diligence process and evaluation. Previously, Huobi has only launched two of such offerings, and TALK will be the third of such project that was accepted and listed through this prestigious process onto Huobi Global.

Huobi Global Exchange is the top cryptocurrency exchange platform in Asia today, and it has NEVER been hacked since it was founded in 2013! — a major advantage over the rest of the competition. With its illustrious crypto history paired with top-ranked security, a simple yet elegant user interface, and internationally focused packaging, Huobi makes an essential exchange for today’s crypto traders.

Click to lock your tokens:

Launching on Aug. 31, users will be able to lock HT and DFA tokens in exchange for a chance to win part of our 5.94 million TALK token prize pool!


A snapshot of each participant’s locked HT and DFA balances, as well as the total amount locked, will be randomly taken during every 24 hour period for reward calculation purposes.

Snapshots will be taken at any time between 8:00:00 on the current day and 07:59:59 on the next day); if the assets are unlocked before the random snapshot time of the day, they will not count towards calculations for rewards.

The rewards will be sent in TALK tokens, and the number of daily rewards is calculated based on the locked HT and DFA tokens of that day;

Individual Tiered Coefficient:

Reward Calculation:

Individual Daily Reward = Snapshot amount of the user’s locked HT or DFA * Tiered coefficient) / (Snapshot amount of locked HT or DFA* Tiered coefficient) of all participants * Daily rewards of all participants from locking HT or DFA.

For Example:

On the first day of the event, only User A and User B participated. User A locked in 4,000 HT while User B locked 6,000 HT. The daily rewards of all participants by locking HT is 1,108,800 TALK. In this case, the reward that User A should receive on the first day is: 4,000*1/{4,000*1+(5,000*1+(6,000–5,000)*0.8)}*1,108,800 TALK.

The reward that User B should receive on the first day is:

{5,000*1+(6,000–5,000)*0.8}/{4,000*1+(5,000*1+(6,000–5,000)*0.8)}*1,108,800 TALK

Reward Distribution:

  • The rewards will be distributed by 12:00, Sept. 3 for users who lock assets between 08:00:00, Aug. 31 and 07:59:59, Sept. 2 (UTC) ;
  • - The rewards for Round II will be distributed by 15:00, Sept. 13 for users who lock assets between 08:00:00, Sept. 2 and 08:00:00, Sept. 7 (UTC);
  • - After the event ends, locked HT or DFA will be returned to the users’ exchange accounts automatically.
  • - Before TALK trading begins, the rate of return will show as 0 because pricing will not be available yet.
  • - During the event, assets staked as part of this campaign will not affect the snapshots taken for rewards from other activities and campaigns.

Terms & Conditions.

- Users are required to complete ID verification to start participating in Primepool.

- The assets staked in sub-accounts will count toward assets staked in parent accounts for calculation.

- Huobi reserves the right to decide on the final outcome of the campaign as well as to disqualify participants who display any fraudulent behavior.

About Talken

Talken is multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet with a large community.

It is a seamlessly interoperable multi-chain NFT Suite, where K-pop stars, artists, and influencers can mint, auction, store, and trade NFTs.

Talken is an open NFT ecosystem bridging untapped NFT enthusiasts of Korea to Talken’s native NFTs and other famous NFTs by protocols such as NBA TopShot, Rarible, OpenSea, and more.

Our mission is to push for an inclusive and border-less NFT expansion, and empower digital creators and collectors with better tools and services to bring NFT mainstream.

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