Talken collaborates with Total Museum and artist LARGE

2 min readMar 14, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Talken has collaborated with Total Museum of Art to release artist LARGE’s first ever NFT drop.

Through this collaboration, Talken will mint and drop famous artist LARGE’s first NFTs to users. Drop of the NFTs will be happening at 5pm KST March 15th, on Talken’s Marketplace. LARGE’s NFTs can be purchased for 15,000 KRW per item.

LARGE’s NFT Collection

This NFT collection is a gateway for you to move into another unrealistic world in which you can become anything you would like to be using different characters and tools which are impossible to do in the real world.

There will be an airdrop of 1 NFT and four NFTs available for sale.

Golden Key NFT (airdrop)

The golden key enables L to escape this world but L has to find the keyhole.


A face of desires deterred. Resembling an elephant’s face,it exudes deterred desires through its trunk. The erupting desires congeal

like mucus on the melting flesh.

Invader G:

A character with a jagged personality. G handles bombs, blowing up things that he doesn’t like. He uses bombs as a medium to destroy the existing world and escape reality, experiencing feelings of liberation as a result.

Fairy of Select:

Decisions always lead to other decisions and force us to make additional choices. Born out of a single decision, these fairies smile as

they await the birth of another decision. They sprout like fruits from within the branches of choice. The fairies are constantly replicating.


Willson: A strange and malicious dog. There’s a pizza here. It isn’t

divided up equally, which causes fights. Willson is constantly fighting, not just for the pizza but for anything it wants to possess.

To purchase, visit the Talken app’s marketplace.

Click here to download:




LARGE is the NFT artist’s nickname. This name was given to him in his Childhood because his eyes were so big. Now he has become a symbol. in the digital world. Check out the Instagram of LARGE:

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