Second NFT Drop of Total Museum and artist LARGE is live on Talken

3 min readMar 29, 2022


We’re excited to announce the second drop of Total Museum artist LARGE’s NFTs is now live on Talken!

Through this collaboration, Talken will mint and drop famous artist LARGE’s second collection of. NFTs to users. Drop of the NFTs will be happening at 5pm KST March 29th, on Talken’s Marketplace. LARGE’s NFTs can be purchased for 15,000 KRW per item.

LARGE’s NFT Collection

This NFT collection is a gateway for you to move into another unrealistic world in which you can become anything you would like to be using different characters and tools which are impossible to do in the real world.

There will be an airdrop of 1 NFT and five NFTs available for sale in total. Four of the NFTs can be purchased immediately for 15,000 KRW per item.

One special item, “L’s World”, can only be purchased if you have purchased all 8 NFTs (4 from the last drop and 4 from this drop).

Below are descriptions of the NFTs.

Jack’s Family NFT (airdrop):

The members of Jack’s family are embedded in the ground, where they guard their territory. They have been performing their job for 38 years now, stopping all sorts of nasty and filthy things from happening. But their territory is under a growing threat from Invader G.

Fly Bob:

This being has wings and a bizarre face shaped like a round egg. Bob is constantly moving its wings so that its fragile face does not hit the ground. But because of the barbell in its hands, it struggles to hover in the same spot. Everything would be fine if it could let go of the barbell that is holding it back, but Bob simply holds on to the barbell and continues flapping.

F.o.Q (Fairy of Questions):

The F.o.Q poses questions to L. “What do you truly desire?” Q is constantly causing problems for L’s desires, which are forever changing.


Oftentimes, we find ourselves looking at stars in the night sky and wishing that we could be what we want to be or have what we want to have. The items in “L’s World” tumble down from stars up in the punctured sky. The desires that L harbors become items within the stars in a night sky full of holes. As he dons the different items, he changes the way he appears or makes use of the power within the items.

Big Boy Bomb:

Big Boy lives according to the wishes of others rather than his own wishes, living a life where he is helplessly led about. And he blows things up. Existing as a weapon, Big Boy dreams of freedom.

L’s World:

“L’s World” is an expression of desires — not those of artist Taehyup Kim in the offline world, but those of LARGE in the digital world.

To purchase, visit the Talken app’s marketplace.

Click here to download:




LARGE is the NFT artist’s nickname. This name was given to him in his Childhood because his eyes were so big. Now he has become a symbol. in the digital world. Check out the Instagram of LARGE:

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