NFT Encyclopedia: NFT Wallets

6 min readJun 5, 2021

NFT ushered in such an explosion in 2021. With the auction of Beeple’s NFT exposes on Christie’s and NBA Top Shot, more people starts to pay attention to and buy NFTs.

According Dune Analytics, the largest NFT trading platform OpenSea’s monthly trading volume has grown rapidly since 2021, and reached a historical high of $148 million in March 2021. Although the trading volume in April fell by almost 40%, it thawed to almost the same as the historical peak in March.

However, by further analyzing the market closely, we find out that things are not just as simple as “market recovery.”

According Dune Analytics, the number of NFTs sold on OpenSea reached 142,000 in March 2021, a historical record without a single doubt. In May, when the total transaction volume was almost the same as that in March, the number of NFTs sold was about 70,000, which was less than Half of March. This indicates that people are paying more attention to high-value NFT assets, and they are willing to spend higher amounts to buy high-value NFT assets.

When people pay high prices for digital collectibles, how to display their collectibles becomes another problem. Unlike physical collections, the invisible and intangible characteristics of digital collections are impossible for people to physically show the collections to others. Does it mean that new generation collectors could only go to the websites of NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea to show off their collection to others?

Some crypto wallet developers discovered this problem, and updated the NFT display function to their products. Collectors can easily view, display, and show off their NFT collections through these wallets. With the increasing value of NFT assets held by people, securely encrypted wallets have become an infrastructure that must be carefully considered. NFT players need a secure wallet to store their NFT assets, and in the mean time, display their NFTs conveniently.


Metamask is currently the most widely used crypto wallet, and almost all NFT trading platforms are adapted for Metamask. Although it currently only supports the Ethereum network, it can be directly used in many EVM-compatible public chains such as Fantom, BSC, Polygon, HECO, xDai, Harmony, Avalanche, and OKExChain through simple adaptation.

Currently, the browser version of Metamask does not support the direct display of NFT collections. If you need to view them, you need to connect to a website dedicated to displaying NFTs (such as OpenSea). Or pour the wallet’s private key into the Metamask software on the mobile phone, and the current mobile APP can display the NFT information in the wallet account.


Talken is the current mainstream multi-chain NFT wallet. The currently supported networks include BTC, ETH, HECO, BSC and Klaytn. In addition, adaptations to mainstream chains include Optimism, xDAI and Polygon are also under development.

In addition to supporting the basic functions of ordinary wallets, Talken Wallet also focuses on optimizing the collection, storage and creation of NFTs. Users can not only store their purchased NFT collections in their wallets, but also create NFTs directly in their wallets. Through Talken, users can easily transfer NFT collections purchased and created by themselves in different trading platforms (such as Opensea and Rarible).

Talken has also made key improvements in security. Through the white box encryption algorithm, the user’s mobile device code and private key are mixed and encrypted, so that users will no longer cause asset losses due to exposure of private keys, and provide users with a cold wallet security level. Talken has completed a million-dollar round of financing, the project is valued at 80 million US dollars, and the total number of users currently exceeds one million.

Token: TALK
Contract address: 0xcaabcaa4ca42e1d86de1a201c818639def0ba7a7
Total supply: 500 million
Token distribution:
-Public sale: 1%
-Private sale: 24%
-Partnership: 20%
-Marketing: 20%
-Team: 20%
-Reserve: 15%
Token usage: governance, access to advanced functions of the platform, etc.

Talken has completed a million-dollar private round of financing. This round of financing was invested by institutions such as BDC Labs, Honest Ventures, Kryptos Research, Pharos Capital, Tachyon Partners, Alphabit and others. The project is valued at US$80 million.

Math Wallet

MathWallet is one of the wallets that support the most public chains in China. Currently, the supported public chains include BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, Cosmos, Binance Chain, ONT, Polkadot Substrate, NEO, IRISnet, ChianX, EOSC, ENU, BOS , Telos, NAS, ESN, Kusama, Edgeware, Harmony, Ethereum Classic, TomoChain, Fibos, Worbli, Hashgard and more than 60 public chains and DAPP ecosystems.

Token: MATH (ERC-20)
Contract address: 0x08d967bb0134f2d07f7cfb6e246680c53927dd30
Total supply: 200 million
Token distribution:
-Locked airdrop: 10%
-Institutional investors: 30%
-Mining output: 60%
Token usage: Transaction fees, cross-chain fees, service fees related to Math Wallet, decentralized governance

Trust Wallet

TrustWallet is a digital currency wallet that allows users to buy, store, trade and earn digital currency. TrustWallet currently supports 40 blockchain protocols and more than 160,000 digital assets. It also supports staking on Cosmos, Tezos, Kava and other blockchain protocols. In addition, TrustWallet provides an easy way to store and access all digital collectibles in one place.

Token: TWT (BEP-20)
Contract address: 0x4b0f1812e5df2a09796481ff14017e6005508003
Total supply: 1 billion
The current circulating supply is approximately 34.7%. All circulating tokens are distributed to the Trust Wallet community through promotions, gifts and customer acquisition activities.
Token usage:
-Governance: Participate in the network decision-making process, including adding new blockchains, tokens and product features.
-Discounts: Get discounts on in-app digital currency purchases and use of decentralized transaction services.


imToken is a wallet APP which aims to provide ordinary users with a safe, easy-to-use, and powerful digital asset wallet application. At present, imToken already supports multi-chain assets such as ETH, BTC, EOS, Cosmos, and the wallet is natively equipped with a DApp browser, which is convenient for users to interact with many decentralized applications on the mobile phone.

Currently imToken already supports NFT well. Users can browse and pay for the NFT collection in their account in the collection section of the wallet. However, imToken currently does not support users to mint NFT directly in the wallet.

Token: LON
Total supply: 200,000,000 pieces
Community: 65%
Team: 35%
Token usage:
Transaction fee rate deduction and participation in governance


SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to provide a safe and user-friendly crypto asset management platform. SafePal supports 20 blockchains, more than 10,000 tokens and NFT assets. SafePal provides hardware wallet and software wallet products managed by SafePalApp, where users can store, manage and trade their encrypted assets.

Token: SFP (BEP-20)
Contract address: 0xd41fdb03ba84762dd66a0af1a6c8540ff1ba5dfb
Total supply: 500 million
Token distribution:
-SafePal fund reserve: 20%
-Team: 20%
-Community and airdrop: 15%
-Product and marketing: 15%
-Seed round fundraising: 2%
-Public fundraising: 10%
-Individual investors: 4%
-Strategic fundraising: 9%
-Ecosystem: 5%
Token usage:
Expense deductions, mortgage rewards, candy rewards and community governance


TokenPocket is the world’s largest digital currency wallet. It supports all mainstream public chains including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, BSC, HECO, OKT, IOST, Polkadot, Kusama, etc. The wallet private key is stored in the user’s device, and it will never be uploaded to the server, and the user can fully control the encrypted assets. Users can store, flash, transfer, receive and trade cryptocurrency in the wallet.

Token: TPT (ERC-20)
Contract address: 0x4161725d019690a3e0de50f6be67b07a86a9fae1
Total supply: 3.46 billion
Token usage: payment method, governance, member privileges and identity certification

In summary, when the NFT market gradually becomes calm from overheating, people will gradually shift their attention from NFT art and collectibles to NFT financial products, infrastructure and other sectors that have not received much attention before. The wallet is the top priority in the infrastructure. In addition to ensuring the security of assets, it also needs to take into account the needs of NFT players and facilitate the display of their collections. Therefore, choosing a suitable wallet will become every NFT Required courses for players.

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