Daniel Jee, The CEO of Korea’s first NFT Multichain Decentralized Suite TALKEN’s CEO, Invited by WDAS 2021

4 min readMay 25, 2021


According to the committee of WDAS2021, Talken’s CEO Daniel Jee was invited as a speaker to participate in the panel on the topic of Everything new in the age of NFT. Meanwhile, not only is Talken the sponsor of this summit, but also the Korea’s first NFT suite project invited by WDAS2021.

WDAS 2021, the abbreviation of World Digital Asset Summit 2021, is one of the highest-spec summits in the blockchain industry. The main purpose of the summit is to lead the industry trend and to illustrate the most cutting-edge technologies and projects in the space of blockchain. This summit was held at the Bellagio Hotel, Shanghai from May 19 to 20, 2021.

The speakers of WDAS 2021 include Vincent Zhou(Founding partner of FBG Capital),Pi Ma (Co-Founder of Continue Capital),Athena Yu(Executive Director of Binance NFT and Binance Charity),Yaoqi Jia(Parity, Head of Asia),Chris(Solana, China Lead),Amos( Near, GM of Asia),John Wang( Neo, Head of Eco Growth), along with other industry leaders and known dev teams. Speakers conducted multiple perspective deliberation and in-depth discussions of Polkadot, Filecoin, Web3.0, DeFi, NFT and other subjects.

NFT panel discussion was held in the afternoon of May 20 with speakers below:

-Emma Zhu, Define Head of China(Moderator)

-Daniel Jee, Talken CEO(Video demonstration)

-Cao Yin, Digital Renaissance Foundation MD

-Nicky Li, Seascape COO

-Amber, Bihu COO

-Zhen Cao, Republic Asia Partner

If 2020 is the year of DeFi, 2021 is likely to be the year of NFT. The new era of NFT has brought many new things to the entire crypto industry. In this panel, leading crypto art projects, investment institutions, well-known media, and artists gathered to discuss NFT about the possibilities of NFT in art, games, music, etc., and the development direction of NFTs.

In the panel discussion, Daniel has shared points as below:

  1. The core features of Talken and original intention of founding Talken:

Covered with 4.5 million users, Talken will continue to pay attention to the trend of the crypto industry, as well as the focus on NFT in the industry.

2. Talken provides NFT service that integrates creation, collection, storage and trading of digital collectibles. Users could create an NFT discussion community and join the discussion.

3. The advantages of Talken suite:

-Seamless multi-chain NFT suite: currently it supports ETH, BSC, HECO and Klaytn, and will support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 soon.

-Easily cross-chain mint NFTs.

-Users could conduct P2P NFTs transactions in a comprehensive list of external NFTs markets (OpenSea, Rarible, NFT Hero) and local NFTs markets

-Utilizing the community-based advantages to combine with digital assets.

4. Talken team: Core engineer team all have more than a decade of experience in cryptography and security space, of whom have exited their previous startups through IPOs. Business team is long-time participants in the local crypto scene, with experience from Korean first portfolio management service, Coinmanager and Clay.

5. Talken has received seed round investment from Korean VCs and private round investments from global crypto funds at $80M valuation.(more at Multi-Chain NFT Suite Talken Raises Million-Dollar on Private Round at $80M Valuation)

Our Team


Clayone(Coinmanager) Global BD & Blockchain for Good Society(B4GS) Co-Organizer


Division lead, Institute of Technology, NexG Department manager, Strategic Planning, Hansol NexG


Head of Development, Memebox Development team member of trading system of Woori Investment & Securities and KB Investment & Securities


Game Planning, NHN Entertainment Service and platform planning, Naver

About Talken

Talken is Korea’s first multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet with the largest community (over 4.5 million users).
It is a seamlessly interoperable multi-chain NFT Suite, where K-pop stars, artists, and influencers can mint, auction, store, and trade NFTs.

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