Announcement of the Launch of Talken Reward Points

2 min readMar 28, 2024


We are delighted to announce the launch of the Talken Reward Points.
With this update, you can earn reward points by trading NFTs in the token market and inviting friends. The accumulated points can be claimed for the Klaytn-based Wormhole TALK token.

Introduction to Talken Reward Points in the Talken Market

Earning Reward Points through NFT Trading (0.5% ongoing + 0.5% event)

  • For sellers, 1.0% of the seller’s fee will be converted to TALK and credited as reward points
  • For buyers, 1.0% of the purchase amount will be converted to TALK and credited as reward points

Earning Reward Points by Inviting friends (ongoing)

  • For inviters, 0.5% of the sales amount will be converted to TALK and credited as reward points

Special Reward Points

  • Earn rewards through Faucet roulette by completing SNS missions
  • Earn rewards through various other events

The Talken Reward Points currently available in the Talken Market are planned to be extended to the Wallet in the future.

To celebrate this launch, an event will soon be prepared. For detailed participation methods and reward information, please refer to our official SNS channels.

About Talken Market:

Talken Market is a secondary trading (C2C trading) service that allows users to freely trade NFTs sold through Talken Drops as well as NFTs in their on-chain wallets. It supports both fixed-price and auction-style trading. Additionally, by natively supporting AhnLab BlockChain Company’s ABC Wallet, users can automatically generate an ABC Wallet by signing up for the Talken service with their Google, Apple, or other SNS accounts, allowing them to trade NFTs without the need for a separate wallet integration process.

About Talken:

Talken is a Web3 Wallet & NFT Suite.
Talken also provides ‘Talken Drops’, a primary sales service for various creators, ‘Talken Market’, a C2C trading service between users, and ‘Talken Studio’, a creative NFT minting support service for creators. This allows users to experience everything from NFT minting to primary and secondary trading.

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