2022 Q2 Talken Update

  1. Multi-chain NFT wallet (including Web3 Browser)
  • Bora, Cronos chain added
    - Second new mainnet added which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn and etc., for a total of 13 different mainnet.
  • New mainnet added on Web3 Browser
    - Start of supporting Mnemonic based wallet.
    - Supporting the function of registering an existing Mnemonic from another existing wallet with Talken wallet.
    - Supporting the function of producing a new Mnemonic based wallet.
  • Support of FIO address within Talken NFT wallet
    - Supporting the function of producing a FIO address form from a complicated cryptocurrency wallet address.
  • List update of the Web3 App mainnet menu
    - Addition of Solana Web3 Apps list
  • UI/UX Upgrade
    - ALL tab added to the wallet menu so you can see your cryptocurrency and NFT assets in one go.
    - Visibility of your NFTs within both the NFT Marketplace and Talken wallet.
  • Support of purchasing NFT bundle via Featured Collection
    - Support of buddle NFT purchasing via Featured Collections and not individually.
  • Support NFT unlock function
    - In order to buy a special NFT, the function of unlocking priority purchasing is included
  • UI/UX Upgrade
    - Support of an explanation page hyperlink about Featured Collection and NFT



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Talken is Korea’s first multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet with the largest community .